Scholarship 2015 Admission Open
Project and PaperProject and Paper

Project and Paper

  1. Voice based E-mail for the Blind 
  2. Android app toddler garden
  3. Computer Folders ‘Security with a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone and  Security Extension 
  4. Speech Stress Analysis based Cheap Lie Detector for Loyalty Test 
  5. Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam 
  6. Recognition of Hand Movement for Paralytic Persons Based on a Neural Network 
  7. Network Security Implementation Layer through Voice Biometric 
  8. Agent Based Blocking and Response, Intrusion Detection using Signature 
  9. Load Balancing of Artificial Intelligence Network using Ant Colony Optimization 
  10. Authentication and Adaptive Security for DNS System 
  11. Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multi radio Multi cellular Wireless networks