Scholarship 2015 Admission Open
Project and Paper

Project and Paper

  1. Design and validation of energy efficient hybrid human powered three wheeled electric vehicle.
  2. Biodiesel Testing using Jatropha oil using biodiesel testing rig. 
  3. Bearing Fault Detection
  4. Hybrid chimney
  5. Fabrication of Semi-Biodegradable fiber Re-In forced Plastic
  6. Regenerative Shock Absorber and Regenerative Brakes
  7. Fabrication and advancement in flat plate solar air collector using PCM
  8. Worm Screw Jack
  9. Self Sustainable Irrigation System
  10. Oxy Hydrogen Gas Welding
  11. Mechanism of Air Cushioning System: Hovercraft
  12. E-Personal Transport Bike  
  13. Study of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  14. To learn the solid works simulation to Analyze the buckling analysis of stool
  15. Design and Fabrication of Moving Bed for Power Press Machine
  16. Engine powered by Compressed Air
  17. Joint Operation Machine
  18. Implementation of Total Quality Management and Employee Relation
  19. Design and Fabrication of Wet type Cooling Tower
  20. Petrol Engine that Works on Diesel
  21. Simulation of temperature response in heat exchanger using MAT LAB/ simulink
  22. Combined Rescue Tool
  23. Energy Conservation For Industries
  24. Fabrication of Automatic Wiper System
  25. Combined Darries & Savonius Wind Turbine Model
  26. Solar Refrigeration 
  27. Analysis Working of Eddy Current Breaking System
  28. Design Maglev Train
  29. Thermoelectric Air Cooling For Cars
  30. Vapor  compression  Refrigeration System With Sub Cooling By Water
  31. Study and Development Of Composite Material (Al & Sic)
  32. Design and Fabrication of Pantorouter